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Your partner in building a culture of safety

We deliver high-quality, OSHA-approved safety training for construction, general industry, and more through hands-on learning and effective online training.

Who We Are

Eagle Wings Co. Safety is a premier, faith-based safety company of professionals touting over 100 years of combined experience. We believe in supporting the private and public sectors of our communities through certified/qualified training to effectively promote a healthy and safe workplace for construction and general industry. We bridge the gap between the classroom and the hands-on experiences needed to train your workers in the up-to-date standards set forth by OSHA and other regulatory agencies. We help you accomplish your goals through our 3-fold shield of safe work practices; training, consulting and staffing.

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Training In-Person, Online, or On-Demand

There are plenty of demands when it comes to safety training.  The most common is time.  We know getting your team together for a day, or sometimes a multi-day training, isn't easy.  You know it NEEDS to be done, but you also know the job needs to get finished.


To ensure your team gets the training they need, they have the option to join us in our physical location in the Bay Area, learn through EWC University Online, or schedule on-demand services where we come to you! 

No matter where the training is conducted, all of our courses are taught by certified + qualified instructors with years of experience in their fields.

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Aren't sure which is the right choice?  Contact us now, and our team will assist you!



Why Choose EWC?

As experienced professionals who have spent years in the trades, we've encountered our fair share of mishaps. We understand the importance of sharing the latest safety knowledge to ensure that you and your team can have a long, successful career and return home safely to your families.

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Eagle wings company is a safety company like no other. From the in the classroom training to the in the field hands on experience I don’t think I know another safety company to match. They teach an array of different courses and are very engaging. Took my TTT rigging and signaling with them and it surpassed my expectations. If you know safety than I implore you to use this company.

Who We Serve

We offer a variety of training solutions to cater to most industries. Our credentials and experience allow us to teach on a construction site and a boardroom. Using in-person lessons and online resources, we offer high-quality, effective training in almost any environment.  

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Let's Get To Work

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