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Safety Training

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Did you know?

Every 96 minutes a worker dies...

from a work-related injury in 2022 compared to 101 minutes in 2021.

There were 5,486 fatal work injuries in 2022. 

According to OSHA and the Census Bureau. 

How do we prevent this from happening?

Our goal at EWC Safety is to empower you to make the right decisions that allow you to make it home to your family and to have a long, fruitful career.  Safety starts with you and your actions, and we are here to help you learn how to take the right steps.  




These are the cornerstones of our safety and compliance training programs.  You can see for yourself by trying a FREE online course!


Safety training reimagined. The mere mention of safety training is enough to make people fall asleep or roll their eyes. We’ve done away with the time-consuming, dry training that so many outfits still offer today. Instead, we provide a concise, engaging, fresh take on compliance and safety training.


Spreading the message of safety on the job site is what we are all about, and our training reflects this in so many ways. We know the work you do day in and day out is challenging. We know you have a family to support or a career to cultivate. This is why you must book a safety training service that delivers the pertinent information and empowers you to use these skills confidently. 

In-Person & On-Demand

Our training format can be adapted to fit your employee’s needs. Whether it's our training facility or yours, we'd happily accommodate your demanding schedule. All of our courses are taught by certified and qualified instructors with years of experience in their fields.

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