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CSO + Safety Instructor



CEO + General Manager



COO + Safety Instructor


Dennis Gallagher
CEO + General Manager

Leading by example, Dennis brings over 40 years of business knowledge both in practical and technical experiences, being on the cutting edge of his industry. Eagle Wings Company, Inc. was born out of the need to make sure workers are properly trained and coached, including hands-on style programming. He also identified the need to bridge the gap between the regulations that demand we work safely, deploying experiential training needed to be a complete and most effective employee. 

David Roberts
COO + Safety Instructor

In our everchanging world where technical and logistic skills are key to managing an achievable outcome, David brings over 35 years of extensive industry experience working in all aspects of production and production design, which has resulted in award winning productions. 

Steve Vierra
CSO + Safety Instructor

With over 40 years of leadership experience in construction and general industry trades, Steve has managed, had oversight and direct involvement in safety first projects. As Foreman, leading a team to the finish line: Safely making these large jobsites well lead, Big B Construction and Knife River Construction are such companies that would attest to this.

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