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EWC’s Forklift 1,4,5,7 Operator course has been certified by OSHA and CAL OSHA and cultivated from years of practical, professional work in the field. It aims to educate users on the academic side of operating class 1,4,5 and 7 lift trucks.


This course is part one of a two-part series of learning experiences to get licensed to operate forklift class 1,4,5,7 machines.  You must pass this course along with a behind-the-wheel portion to successfully get your license.


Throughout, we'll cover the basics of these machines, the physical properties of forklifts, and how to drive them safely on different terrains, and we'll cover the 33 rules from OSHA to safely and securely operate a class 1,4,5,7 forklift.

Forklift 1,4,5,7 Operator

$179.98 Regular Price
$89.99Sale Price
  • Level

    Operator: Part 1 of 2

  • Duration

    40 minutes

  • Language

    Language: English, Spanish


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