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Online Safety Training

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Convenient and engaging online training to keep you and your team safe.

Safety training reimagined. The mere mention of safety training is enough to make people fall asleep or roll their eyes. We’ve done away with the time-consuming, dry training that so many outfits still offer today. Instead, we provide a concise, engaging, fresh take on compliance and safety training.

Spreading the message of safety on the job site is what we are all about, and our training reflects this in so many ways. We know the work you do day in and day out is challenging. We know you have a family to support or a career to cultivate. This is why you must book a safety training service that delivers the pertinent information and empowers you to use these skills confidently. 

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Why Choose EWCU Online?

Nowadays, there are so many options available.  For most safety professionals, the number one concern is price.  While this may seem like the best metric to go by, it could potentially keep your team in a cycle of danger on the job.  So, why choose EWCU Online over anyone else?


Our online safety training has been built with the learner in mind.  While it’s a subtle shift, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the learner knows we are speaking directly to them.  So many courses guide you through old slides with a narrator talking at you.  Through our training, we’ve invited the learner to participate in the experience.


Based on scientific research, psychology, and adult learning theories, we have implemented various techniques to engage learners and help them retain this important information.  We achieve this through real-world scenario tests, hot-button interactions, storytelling, and more.  These are proven methods for information retention in adult learners.  This is the difference between staying safe on the job and dealing with the potential consequences.

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Even More Reasons to Choose EWCU


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"They are awesome! They have been way better than other safety trainings I have done. The final practical knowledge checks are very helpful, at least for me, in retaining what I read.”

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